Field Notebook, Best Advice Ever: Be yourself

I think the best part about God isn't his predictability, its his wild ferocity.   I just wanted to say that. Its great.

I came home from World Relief today where I've been volunteering for the past few weeks and I walked downstairs to my new room (did I mention that my dear friend offered me a place in her house with her family in the northern suburbs? can you say AMAZING blessing?).  Its such a lovely room - perfect for a budding dress designer - and I've have such a fun time coming up with decoration ideas, making it a perfect burrow.  ANYWAYS, I tucked into my room amidst the remaining laundry baskets and empty boxes, plunked on my bed and turned on the TV ... maybe Rick Steve's is on? Nope.  Just Jerry Springer, no thank you.  But hey! click, click, click, its Arthur! I love Arthur (who cares if I'm 22, I sure don't).

 I never thought I'd relearn a major life lesson from Arthur, but I did.  Being newly introduced to the creative world, its been easy to get sucked into thinking about what the next popular thing is or trying to fit into this cool new world.  I didn't realize it but this sort of thing was taking its toll - I'd started losing the love.  The love of creating.  That's a big deal.  Well, on Arthur today, Francine went to Circus camp and was struggling.  Her sister Katherine was really good at the trapeze and tumbling but she wasn't, so she decided to be a clown and loved her self and her own style.  Be yourself.  I know its silly, but with all the stress of trying to be an adult or have the right style, I was just getting depressed, and I didn't even realize I was doing it.

In a similar way, M and I were enjoying a yummy puppy dog tail (which is a pastry, don't worry) at the Isle Bakery in Uptown and I had to pointedly remind myself not to freak out when all the hipsters walked in for Sunday coffee (black, no sugar, of course).  I don't think its wrong to like fashion and trendy things (I certainly do), but I do think its not okay to be consumed with it.  Not just being positively consumed, like buying certain clothes or loving Indie music, but being consumed negatively, by "hating" hipsters, or doing the opposite of what the "cool" kids are doing.  Like what you like because you like it.

So according to Arthur: be yourself, love who you are - don't take me for a shallow feel-good do-gooder.  I've gone down both ways and found that this is the best way to live. Its not simple and its not shallow.   Just be yourself.  You'll love you and you'll love others.