institches in February

I've been going through a creative surge lately - zooming all over the blogosphere collecting amazing projects, designs, stories, and learning about new people.  I just began an one-month sponsorship for oh, hello friend - my go2 design blog - and its so exciting to see new people taking a peek at the clutches I've created this month.  I love it! There are some exciting things coming up this month for The Traveling Cabinet.  Another clutch giveaway is in the works for February, a guest post from two budding fashionistas (also my dear Northwestern friends), and I've got some new ideas I'd like to throw at ya and I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE your comments. 

I just love these little Valentine's from Daisy Chain

First of all, now that The Traveling Cabinet has completed its first year, I'd love some feedback: 

What keeps your reading? Which posts do you love the most? What would you like to read more of ... (i.e. travels, history, design, diy, sewing, photos, reflective pieces, Christian & life experience)?  Any requests? I want to know :) 

On a personal note: February has thrust me through several job interviews (another spectacular one today, please pray for that), my birthday is coming up on the 17th ... 22yrs old ... eek!, also moving to Lino Lakes to be closer to the Cities and so excited to live with my new family - I'm inheriting three little sisters!

Today's News:
My good friend Tyler, a missionary with YWAM, wrote a great post that's worth your reading.  Though I differ with him on one point - I believe that the definition of a missionary, as laid out in Matthew, is a "cross-cultural" worker not just an evangelist.  But, regardless, Ty is spot on - its all about using the gifts He gave you to spread the Good Message.  Seriously. Let me hear an AMEN!

If you're a student of international news, keep an eye on Egypt - Chaos in Cairo as Mubarak backers, opponents clash.  Peaceful protests turned violent today when Government supporters and Anti-Mubarak protesters met in Tahrir Square, Cairo.  Its an urgent story - happening right now - don't miss out on the lives of our fellow humans just because its unpleasant or inconvenient (speaking from experience).  Social media, youth efforts, Internet shut down, decades of rule, instability, and a lot of opportunity to learn and pray.  There are many believers working in Egypt and many vulnerable families living in the slums of Cairo.