When I was little I used to wander into the Poetry section of the library.  I don't think I actually liked poetry, but my childhood was one continuous game of "make-believe" and I wanted to be like Belle.  She read.  She was smart and beautiful.  I wanted to read the classics (like Matilda) and contemplate Shakespeare.  I tried poetry, didn't understand any of it, but I felt so beautiful carrying around a copy of Romeo and Juliet.  I even chose "Pride and Prejudice" for a reading comprehension test in 6th grade but failed it because I couldn't understand words like "thither" and "felicity" (note: You've Got Mail reference, its my favorite!).  If I could love poetry and literature then I was be as lovely as a tiger lily (or Tiger Lily from Peter Pan). I tried and I would collect, and I think after awhile I got frustrated and drowned my sorrow in the beautiful words of The Chronicles of Narnia - if only then I could be Lucy! And just like Lucy, I wanted to be as beautiful as Susan.  (if only they didn't botch "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader" in cinema; that was a sad day) I digress.

It wasn't until twelfth grade that poetry found me again. I thought it was for intellectual snobs so I was skeptical - (I wanted to be intellectual but not a snob). Eventually the rest of the world didn't matter when you got your hands on a really good piece.  Its just you and the author.  I fell in love with Jane Austen for real this time; now that I understood her vocabulary.  Ya know how people used to say, "You should marry up" (as in someone socially higher than you) well I believe you should "read up" - you may need but its worth any inconvenience.  Now I really enjoy poetry, not all poems - poetry is like dress shopping, some you know right away you won't like, others are beautiful but they're not for you, and a small few fit you like a glove, make your heart beat.

Maya Angelou was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom this week - inside myself I was amazed to find that I'd never read any of her works in my entire life.  Interesting woman.  Sassy. 

Oh, and here's a kitty for good measure.  If I ever return to Paris, which I am sad to say is definitely not my favorite city, I would skip the Eiffel tower and head straight here

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