Field Notebook: Vintage Posters

While stumbling through the internet I fell upon some lovely old travel posters.  I surely wish people still made these things, I would paper my room with them. I dont' know what it is about this era and style, but I'm just in love, completely fascinated.  

TASMANIA, The Switzerland of the South ... yes please.  Follow The Sun chronicles Australia's domestic travel campaign in these posters from the 1930s - 1950's.  Hmmm, travel commercials just aren't as attractive. If you could travel to Australia, where would you go first? I would go straight here.

 Is seems that Australians spend a good deal more time outside than I do here in Minnesota.  Has anyone else been following the Jasmine Revolution in the Middle East, its kinda hard to miss but I suppose if you never turn on your radio, its not in your face.  Its like a wildfire - first Tunisia, then Egypt, Bahrain, and now Libya.  I know there were skirmishes elsewhere but I guess MPR News decided to focus on those four nations.  Are there any other reputable news stations in the Twin Cities? Because I only really tune into MPR and it'd be nice to have some variety... preferably variety that isn't smattered with political rant.