Field Notebook: Reporting For Duty Sir

First day on the job.  I love how sweet my co-workers have been.  The only mildly depressing thought was, "wow, I'm going to spend more awake time here than at my home" ... bummer.  Its ironic though; best to like work, then. I came home to sew fabric flowers and eat pizza with my host family.

Staring at the map attached to the wall in front of me - my toes pointing to the Southern Ocean.  Hmm, what would we be without our dreams? What would I be without mine? If I hold my thumb up and squint I can block out all of Western Europe... but I won't because I'm reading this fantastic article about the Rhine in a 1967 vintage copy of National Geographic - where dreams and facts make-out. And I'm watching Friends. Why? I don't really know.

I find myself feeling put off by travel fads, like Eat, Pray, Love; I'm sure it was a lovely book, but clique zeal sort of takes the joy out of it. I'm so guilty too.  "Traveling" becomes a public affair, bestowing bragging rights and cocktail stories...if left to boisterous devices.  Sort of like the idea that "vintage is the new modern."  Where'd the mystery and genuine interest go? Oh, yeah, it got smothered on the way to be "cool".  (yes, I am aware that "where'd" is not a word ;).  Well, whatever, if we spent all our time trying not to follow fads we'd drive ourselves sick. So never mind. But I do like staring up at my map, bounding through jungles and wading through rice paddies.  Passes the time. My step-great-uncle is from Rhineland. Michael and I page through NGs on Sundays.