Field Notebook: A Truth Universially Known

Being a human is very difficult.  Let's just admit it.  Yet, every time it hits me as a surprise.  Why is this?

Coffee table discussion: Psychology of a journalist. When listening to an MPR interview of Ken Auletta I found myself asking : Are journalists by the nature of their career, soulless? As a writer, do you deny your own perspective? But isn't your perspective rich, full of human insight and emotion? Sigh, I am at a loss.  Jeepers, I love writing but I am not soulless.

If one must be objective, can one write with integrity? Is does objectivity in writing truly spawn integrity? Maybe initially, but after the facts are known, a refusal of your human perspective would be exhausting.  One must be careful in forming opinions, but don't let the fear of offending keep you from interacting.