The Gallery: A critic of Modern Art ... what the heck is that?

Michael and I have recently come to the conclusion that we don't like "modern" art ... (with the exception of the big spoon and cherry, which is too Minnesota iconic to hate).  No, its distastefulness is derived not merely from it clanky and commercial aesthetic, but more from artists' and museum curators' stubborn insistence on omitting labels ... or any form of enlightening interpretation for that matter.  Excuse me, I know its very avant garde to force common folk to create their own meaning for your giant yellow triangle and twisted mash of iron, but I find it darn-well annoying! Please, toss me a bone.  I don't have all day to sit and ponder the meaning of an orange semi-tire, I want to know what you were thinking when you painted the stupid thing.
Marcel Duchamp - The Fountain

Please. I'm not saying, "it isn't art", just the opposite.  I'm sure it has a meaning.  Share it with me.  Obviously something in your soul compelled your brush to canvas - maybe you could verbalize it for us more obtuse visitors.

I once had a friend whose art professor docked her grade for leaving a brief, but thoughtful-provoking explanation of her piece - an illuminating and touching piece of background I would have never discovered if left to my own label-less devices. AND ITS AN EPIDEMIC! I can't tell you how many interesting paintings I've walked by at countless museums with no author to discuss it with or label to provide essential historical and interpretative brain fodder.  Jeepers, someone needs to do something about this.

Now, I know there is a much deeper philosophical conversation that underscores this inconvenient annoyance...a bit about creating art for the sake of its reaction ... and I think this author does an adequate job of bouncing it around here - and guess what? Its about God.  Its a bit ironic how He pops up everywhere, even when discussing vintage urinals. Maybe I shouldn't hate modern art after all...