Good Friday & Earth Day

I did a fist pump when Dr. Tim Kelly spoke on MSNBC yesterday about the reality of Good Friday and I also really love what Christina of Down & Out Chic says about Earth Day today (not to mention some striking pictures of creation).  It brought a twinkle to my eye when I noted they fall on the same day -  today. It underscores this truly masterful picture of (note: incoming theological term, grab your dictionaries) the general revelation of God through this earth and the specatular, humbling, sacrificial, God-you-bring-me-to-my-knees-with-your-unspeakable-awesome-ness special revelation.

I know its not Friday anymore - its Sunday.  Its the Resurrection.  It was wonderful to go home to Wisconsin this weekend - I saw an old friend and chatted over the phone with another.  So funny how things change in four years; I've started to forget names.  But as I sat reading my new Bryson book in the tree swing outside our house, I thought about how grateful I am that I've changed, that Jesus isn't some set of rules and that people aren't who they are forever.  Change is a vital piece of humanity, of who we're supposed to be.  Something dies and we change - our eyes are opened and the blind see.  I'm very blind to my own prejudies and pride, blind to my hardened heart.  Thank you, Jesus, for loving me, and thank you for giving me someone who loves me like you.  Its a rare treasure in this eye-for-eye world of ours.

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