Hello April!

via D&OC

Oh wow, I'm surely glad that March is over and April is here.  My soul breathes fresh air again! Without making any attempt to avoid cliche-ness, isn't it awful how much time we spend inside?!?  Its just nutso! P.S. don't forget about your taxes, I almost did!

Michael and I had a lovely date last weekend down by the swollen St. Croix at The Dock Cafe.  It was absolutely splendid.  And did I take any momento photographs? Of course not! Why would I do something so sensible? Just not my style ;) However, we ate our upscale lunch on cushioned bench booths, looking out large cabin style windows at the water slowly lapping up the remains of winter ice.  Michael climbed over to sit next to me, enjoying the view together.  As we sat in the sun, warming ourselves over a bowl of the yummiest chicken wild rice soup every brewed, we drifted back back to 1950s Minnesota - Ella and Sinatra wafting through the wood beam rafters.  Did we really have to go back?