Lovely Finds: Japanese Sewing Books

 Like many a budding 20-something, I'm into foreign styles and do-it-yourself wardrobes.  Though, I know I'm a little behind the curve...I live in Minnesota ...which is my scapegoat for everything.  AnyWHO, I stumbled across this blog a few months back and have been saving my pennies for my very own Japanese sewing & pattern book.  Do I speak Japanese... no.  Does it! (phew!) 

 I'd have to say that it was intimidating at first - I'm a bit particular when it comes to what I wear, I choose my styles carefully and it can be nerve-racking to make something if you don't know how its going to turn out, or put a lot of effort into trying something new.  Yet, I'm starting to realize that there isn't a lot of time on this earth and I'm not going to waste it. I did my research on this one - while sitting at Whit's kitchen table in South Dakota, I spent hours looking for just the right book with just the right price.  I was going to use my spending money from my first big-kid paycheck - so it was a big moment.  I eventually settled on pomadour24 - recommended from the blog and spent the next few hours picking out the books based on the projects featured on her list. I picked Feminine Wardrobe and Stylish Dress Book

Apparently us English-only speaking folk (oh, I'm so embarrassed) are in luck because there are tons of instructions on how to navigate Japanese sewing patterns.  (again, phew!)  So I'm planning on trying a little bit of this in a lighter fabric and definitely a blouse our two from Feminine Wardrobe.

Lovely Finds.