Passport Journal: England

Now, now, I know you will roll your eyes when I tell you that I watched it for hours last night, but you'd by lying if you didn't admit that you were a little curious too. And can I just say that yesterday Kate Middleton was the loveliest thing I have seen in my whole life and I bet she makes the best big sister ever?  Even the traditional beauty of her lovely dress versus a modern .... err....well I don't like modern dresses very much, but I thought it was perfectly lovely and perfectly lovely to smile and feel excited about.

Now, I have a little back story - I sit at the front desk of my office with an MSNBC news sequence in front of me every day ... day after day...after day...after day...after---.  I could probably win one of those MPR News Quizzes right about now.  In fact, I go to the New Yorker's obscure online weekly trivia game just to test myself.

Did I mention that although the news is extremely informative, its also snowstorm-in-April depressing...oh right, that happened too. So, like most cheerful people have been pointing out, its lovely to see a royal couple who seem genuinely in love, proclaim it before God and man. And she was radiant. And absolutely perfectly herself (thought I'm sure she was a bit overwhelmed, I certainly would be).  As a charming touch, lily-of-the-valley happen to be my favorite (thank you M) and the loveliest smelling of flowers in the whole world, and I hope they smelled lovely for the Duchess too. 

That is all. Thank you for indulging me, bless your heart. And thank you Will & Kate for being gracious enough to let billions of people analyze and comment on your lives. We appreciate it.

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