DIY:Handmade - Mother's Day

I love my mom very much. She has seen us through many many difficult times, has a full-time job and in addition runs our family business. Plus, we have a huge dog whose a pest and she still takes care of him and loves him up along with our four kitties, which sounds like the most difficult job if you ask me.

image credit unknown

BUT, she really difficult to shop for. She doesn't have a lot of time to read or get a massage; she's not really into clothes and all she really needs a long, long vacation. Sadly, I cannot give her this yet. However, the past few years I've taken to doing handmade gifts for holidays ... or really any occasion, because its fun and challenging.

The bonus is that now my handmade gifts are more than a crap load of Popsicle sticks pasted together - I can make real things; and you can too: so in honor of Mother's Day I'd like to help you find some really great projects that don't take a lot of time.
 Also, in relation to yesterday's post, I found a story on papernstitch that is truly worth the read - a breath of fresh air; a story about a man,his paralyzed son and scuba diving.