DIY:Handmade - Thrifty Creamy Dress

Do you have a list of shops you'd shop at if you were a millionaire? Well, I'm not an overachiever in this department but on the top of my list would be JCrew and Anthropologie  (because, yes, you'd have to be a millionaire to shop there regularly). However, I do stroll through their displays occasionally for inspiration purposes - I can't do the manly fashions, but the soft, feminine silhouettes are quite inspirational.  In fact, I'm a terrible clearance-thrift shopper (which actually cuts down on the number of clothes I own) BUT while in their sale section, I came across a tent shaped, lovely-laced, baby-doll dress that prompted a light-bulb icon to "ding" about my head.

My new thing is "belts" - incomprehensible to me before, I now love the idea of wrapping belts around my waist and cinching baggy attire into form fitting casual beauties.  I'm not a fashion guru by any means, but wardrobe creativity can lead to less stress if played right (no faux fur or stilettos for me please). 

THEREFORE, I will now make my point. This white dress you see below was on clearance at JCrew for thirty some dollars, had no waistline, and baby-ish cap sleeves.  However, its window-pane linen, dainty creases, and lace were too unique to ignore completely; so, I took it to the dressing room, applied a brown belt (which of course I didn't buy because these things are better gotten at cheaper stores) and the rest is history.
But wait! you say? That's not a brown belt around your waist! No, its not! This is my favorite part! The lavender-gray sash you see is the sewn together handles off a LOFT bag - see, recycling is important.  Don't throw away great materials - especially if they were free.  Finally, the sweater covers up the a-little-too-young-for-me sleeves and keeps me warm during this in-climate weather.

Posting pictures of myself is not a vanity I normally indulge in - mostly because I'm always out of camera batteries ;) But! I do want to share about this lovely dress (if I haven't told you already in person) that I am super duper proud of. 

Thank you and good night.

image here