On the Map: Rose Mille

Can I tell you about my favorite shop in the entire world.  I do not exaggerate - I go there for ribbon, fabric, and lots of inspiration.  I know I've mentioned it before, but it deserves a full review full of praise.  I really love this place; whenever I feel creatively dry, I pop on over to this riverside stop and fill my cup. Its name: Rose Mille - Its owner: the delightful Michelle Jorgensen.

 I had been shopping at her store for months before we met but I'm surely glad I did.  Its rare to find someone full of life and so conversational that I knew when I met her I had to tell her how her store inspired me to start my own business. 

I think the first thing that attracted me about Rose Mille was its white painted exterior versus the rather muted brick and wooden facades of its neighbors.  Furthermore, whilst crossing the threshold, I was enticed by a case of vintage postcards, old Stillwater prints, and delicate paintings.  Its full of other things too: clothes, shoes, handkerchiefs, paper goods, fabric, ribbon, books, chairs, sheets, pillows, table clothes, jewelry, brushes, thread, wallpaper, embroidery supplies, glitter, felt, and the best part is the presentation.  Its not a garage sale style, dark, warehouse antique shop - no, its like walking into a lovely little world where the lights and walls are treated with the same unique hand as the shop's contents.  The fun is in discovering what's in the drawers or lying buried underneath old grain sacks. 

To further my point, I even asked M to visit Rose Mille while I was in Colorado and send me a yard or two of fabric - they don't make shops like this in the Springs. In fact, M made me a special keepsake box and lined it with supplies he found here.  Its quite special to me.

Well, Michelle and I had a brief chat and a few days ago she invited me to share a few pictures of Rose Mille inspired clutches - the loveliest ones incorporate some form of Rose Mille detail.  Honestly, you can't find lovely odds and ends to complete a project at someplace like Joann's - you must find someone who adores detail like this owner and indulge in the trove they've curated. You can read more about The Traveling Cabinet's clutches here on Michelle's blog, or visit Rose Mille in person to see for yourself.