Field Notes: Juice

As I stand in the middle of bustling Target in front of a rapidly condensing cooler door, I come to the realization that choosing the right juice is a very important decision. It must be; I spend a lot of time thinking about it.  You see, I must get the "right" juice.  I must.  The wrong juice would just be wrong; I've decided.

Well, even after all my musings, I invariably always choose "apple"; but nevertheless, I must spend at least a good two minutes Its always "apple" but I always mean to get something else.  Simply Apple. (No, really, that's the brand I get.)

Juice is very important.  Its not like choosing bread (BrownBerry), or chicken (Gold'N'Plump), or rice (Rice-A-Roni).  Juice is a hot commodity, a treat, and I must get it right.  And apparently, its always apple.... Though it never sets out to be.

Hmmm, I love juice.  image via here