Lovely Finds: Soft & Sweet

I find I am intrigued with light colors this year - not bold, but demure. Perhaps it is an attraction to the light, something that seems so elusive while baking in the glaze of florescent light bulbs.  Who knows! I suppose this collection is more reminiscent of spring, but then again, I've never been one for convention.


Journey the World Post Mark Stamps
Fabric Flower Washi Tape
Vintage Flower Sticker - Rabbit
Transparent  Index Dot Stickers
Mini AirMail Kraft  Envelopes
Lace Washi Tape via WonderlandRoom
Chinese Character Stamp
Rooster Tea Towel via leahduncan
Pastel zigzag sweater via salvagehouse
Wild Flower Tent Dress via salvagehouse
Felt Bunting via OrdinaryMommy
1960s vintage Angela Cakiades white strapless tiered dress via allencompanyinc
Embroidered Alphine Flower Art  via bylina
Vintage Lace cream foldover Tote via RACHELelise
Little Indian Art via belafontesbunsa
Square Shaped Paper Doily via WonderlandRoom

Spend all day dreaming up projects while surfing Etsy... let's figure out a way to make this a full time job.