Birthday Merriment: Etsy Shop Sale 25% Off

This week, being the 1st birthday of The Traveling Cabinet Etsy Shop, requires special fun - 25% the entire shop for the next first days should do the trick, I suppose!

This shop has been such a wonderful project since last summer. All your feedback and cheerful patronage has been so encouraging and lovely fun that I look forward to many more years of developing and creating.

If you'd like to partake in this lovely coupon - please enter the following when checking out to receive 25% off your purchase

Coupon Code: BIRTHDAY25

Many of you have been saying that you've been meaning to come on over and have a look, meaning to buy a clutch for yourself or as a gift - and now may be a lovely time to do just that.  I hope you enjoy all the birthday treats this week - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. Stay tuned tomorrow for the next surprise shop items ... coming up :) I'm very excited, if you haven't noticed!