DIY:Handmade - Maps, Atlases, Business Cards and Bunting

What do maps, business cards, and bunting have in common? Let me show you ...

With the arrival of a new tool (an alphabet rolling stamp) my roommate and I have been able to make business cards for The Traveling Cabinet - all by ourselves! Lots of fun and a few ruined cards later - I give you a stamped mess of paper cut from cardstock and an atlas of England.

Furthermore, I proceeded to create a new product for The Traveling Cabinet Etsy Shop - Australian Map Bunting & Packaging aka {very fun garlands to dress up a package or hang on your wall}.  So far, I've used it for the former purpose and intend to the find a nice spot on my wall for the latter - maybe a travel themed party...?

M and I love Australia so I decided to honor the first buntings with pages from that part of the world. They're not expensive ($4 + shipping for 2 strands) - so I hope many a folk will be able to enjoy them! I know I do - maps and I are bosom buddies.