DIY:Handmade - New Supplies Part II

 I find myself again sharing some lovely new supplies with you; taking a little joy to smile in the storm that has been this week.  I really enjoy this color - burnt salmon-ish - its nice with the lace handkerchief. The grosgrain ribbon (left) is from Rose Mille - the owner, Michelle, is so sweet and I had a lovely chat with her while I picked this up in Stillwater last weekend.  The second ribbon is from Mara Mi - another nice shop in downtown Stillwater - and guess what? They serve Moscato di'asti now - the only wine I can have without choking & sputtering (yeah, I know, its a bit ridiculous). 

Mmmm, I've been hoping and wishing I could use this fabric sometime.  Its incredibly delicate and simple and perfect for a .... clutch! Okay! Here we go - look for it in the Etsy Shop soon.  Its from Rose Mille too :)