On the Map: Des Moines, IA

 While sorting through odds and ends in my picture folders, I realized that I forgot to tell you about our road trip to Iowa for a wedding.  Whit and I met in Albert Lea for a lovely jaunt down to farm country for the marriage of our friends Dan & Leah.  I got to be her "date" since dear Derek was employed with being employed and Michael wasn't on the guest list. They're good sports. No tornadoes at this Iowa wedding (that's a different story) but we did have a nice time at a country club for the reception.

I loved how much Jesus was present throughout the whole celebration - what love and beauty.

Like big kids we rented a hotel room so we didn't have to drive through the night ... though it was bare bones so I can't say we're really grown-up. I love friend roadtrips - open road, lots of gabbing, and some Bill Bryson for company.