Passport Journal: Story of the Day

I know the word "stories" can sometimes lose its meaning.  When was the last time you heard a really "good story"? What captivated you as a child? For me, it was a really a good story that would suck me into the deep crevices of the couch, lost in a book for hours and hours.  Mmm, I wanted to hear a really good story. A full story.  Not a quip or joke, even "highlights" weren't satifying.  I remember at dinner parties as a kid I wouldn't want to go play after the meal; I wanted to sit and listen to their stories - particularly if there was an old man there - they have good stories. I think as I grew older I just didn't have time for stories.  I had time for homework and loads of other good things, but not time for stories.

Sometimes M will try to read to me in the evenings and I'm out like a light before page two...his voice is very calming.  The good news is that I found a few lovely stories I'd like to share with you this afternoon:

image source

Artemis & Nao of England keep a fun blog about their goings ons and tell the story of their East Sussex weekend here - detailing their run in with "nudies" and back garden bbqs. Its sweet.

image source

Then Julie & Yuriy of Travel Notes by Mr. and Mrs. Globe Trot chronicle their 6 month journey around the world after their wedding.  I love going deeper and deeper into their story, discovering how they saved for their trip, how they packed, who they met, and what they ate.  Lovely images.
Since we've shared similar destinations: France, England, Austria, Thailand, Australia {and so much I've never seen - Croatia, Montenegro, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Hungry, Ukraine, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Laos} - I thoroughly enjoyed their pictures and experiences in places my feet have traveled before.  If you don't feel like reading the whole thing, there a couple of blogs who have interviewed them: Oh, Hello Friend & From India -- with Love. Btw, they're professional photographers. Well...obviously.