Field Notes: The Fantastic Critique of Middle American Culture as Displayed in The Course Catalog for Roseville Community Education

There is many a funny thing one can learn from Community Education and I feel, as does my witty roommate, that their titles are truly a wondrous thing to behold. There are a few sensible ones like "Beginning French, and "Intro to the Computer".  But I must confess that there are a choice few that prove the perfect twist of ridiculous.

A few of our favorite titles:

Bonsai - The Art of Miniature Trees (this one requires two classes and $25)
Power Tools for Women (I would sign up just to watch - don't let grandma rip her thumb off!)
Landlording 101: The Good, The Bad, and the Lease .... I think you'll agree this one doesn't require comment....
Write Your Own Will (quite practical, actually, but you must admit, a little bit funny). 
Hyposis to Control Weight or Stop Smoking (yes, apparently this is a real thing)
55+ Defensive Driving ( that has the potential to top the power tools!)
Living Clutter Free ... apparently we need a class for this
Invest in Yourself - Experience Skype! (he he he) 
 No More Meltdowns (For you and your Child!) - actually, I think this one could be really useful.

Though some, you may reflect, portray a darker view into the nature of our society; Community Ed offers a peculiar window into the trends, desires, and popular worldviews of our culture - rather much for a little brochure, but you must know me by now ;) For example:

New! Finance Do's and Dont's of Divorce (at first I giggled, but then the horror dawned on me that this thing has now become a science ... might as well throw the towel in now!)

Advanced Psychic Development - The Art of the Tarot - Hands on Energy Healing (three separate classes - now, I believe in the healing power of the Holy Spirit and that God has given some members of the body prophecy and I'm even an avid fan of Harry Potter - but surely healing isn't without Him and it surely makes my heart sad that we play around with things like spirits, fortune telling, and calling upon powers we know nothing about.  I've seen it damage souls and torment dear people - not cool man, not cool.)

I'll leave you with one last title to cheer you up - New! The Ups and Downs of Juggling (really??)