Field Notes: Maria

There's a little Maria Von Trapp that lives inside my heart and about once a week I want to let her out to sing ... it doesn't happen most of the time because ... well, don't tell her, but she would embarrass me.  I mean, who really bursts out singing in real life besides the cast of Glee or the musical theater kids from high school? Kurt Bender, this means you. But, I'm secretly jealous because I really want to break into song, but I fear my voice will crack and the neighbors will stare.  So I'm content with humming my little "diddies" while cooking and blasting out only when the living room is empty.

 source unknown
 Summer is fading into the lazy days of August when the night air is cool again and the stars are bright.  M and I fell in love to the breeze of last season's summer nights - watching movies in the park and riding bikes through the nature reserve.  We've been together for almost a year and we tell each other how much we miss those nights when we could stay up late and feel the summer's night air. Truly.