Love Story

Why have we created societies - ways of behaving towards each other that never let us speak our heart language - the language that God speaks to us in? Do you feel it?  I feel it.

Why have we taught our children be embarrassed and guarded so when we look up at a starry night sky we're so blind with ourselves we miss it? So afraid to celebrate beauty and love and expression - unless its perverted and rendered ugly - which then of course we display all over our magazines and televisions - gawking. So blinded that we cling to fake courage, fake love, half truth, a mask of beauty. 

 Do you not see what the Enemy has done to our world? Do you not yearn to be courageous and love and forgive and live? Do you not see what fear has done to your heart? How it has blocked you in and numbed your senses? Why do we mold our children to be like ourselves? Why do we not tell them to be like Jesus - to follow Jesus?

Why are our families so broken? Or if not broken, so silent? Or if not silent, then shallow? Like the walking dead.  Endless chatter.  Nonsense.  Do you see the indescribable majesty of the sky and the earth - when we scar it with concrete and wires it still hides beneath and it will endure longer than all the buildings we erect as pillars of our greatness.  Who is like Him? The Lion and the Lamb? What greater story than His? Why do we ignore Him? Why do we strive and toil and hate and climb? Do you not know that all these things shall pass away? They will PASS AWAY.  But the Lord remains.  His kingdom endures forever.  Why do we make our own?

I don't know.  It doesn't make sense to me.