DIY:Handmade - The Cabinet's Photo Shoot Part II

Greetings! What a lovely afternoon to take photos with friends - thank you Ellie, Jessica and Wren for being my models and photographer for The Traveling Cabinet's clutches. Jessica and Ellie are my dear friends from Northwestern, we met during my short stint in the drama department as I played the part of a Russian artist ... but that's another story ... and Wren is my new friend from youth group, the most talented of young ladies.  See here for Part I - Enjoy :)

Oh! Yes, I must tell you that the photos were taken by the lovely Ellie Peterson of e.p.Photography- she is a saint and creative sweetheart. Check out more treasures on The Traveling Cabinet Etsy Shop

Four girls having a wonderful day in the fall leaves .... with a dash of vintage and lots of cotton, fabric & lace. I love Jessica's natural poise and style and Ellie's work gorgeous vision for photos.  She has another post I was just reading "Contemplative" and it amazes me how much pictures can move you, how much they speak, what they capture - you can see it here.