Inspiration: Hunter's Birthday

Well, its my little brother's birthday tomorrow .... he's going to be twenty ... yikes! when did that happen?? And, since I still eat chicken nuggets and shapes macaroni for dinner .... its clear I don't have a ton of resources with which I might shower him with gifts.  Therefore, I have resolved to go low budget and make him a nice warm wooly blanket ... he has been contacted for color preferences for which his response was .... "idk, just not blue and yellow".

Any-hoosers, IF I were rich cougar, I have compiled the following list of things I would give him - keep in mind he's a twenty year old computer nerd going to school to be an engineer. Super-dork, I know, I love him.  Enjoy:

Vintage Men's Minnetonka Driving Shoes from LoverlyVintage

Poster from Ache

We have an entire LEGO village of mayhem in our basement ... its been there since I was nine.  
T-shirt from AngelLeighDesigns

Sketch via be-the-change

Vintage Projector Lamp by WestShoreVintage

Yeah, we definitely fought over the game-boy when we were young ... Dr. Mario rules!
Dr. Mario Pills by 72stitches

Because every man needs a cool leather satchel 

We like Harry Potter in our house ... :)