On the Map: HandmadeMN Fall Market 2011

 My mother is sweet and helpful - I couldn't have done it without her.  We woke up early and packed all my little trinkets in my car - most things were decorations taken from my room.  I admit, this being my first craft market, I was a bit nervous.  But it was so lovely.  Right away I met Andrea and her friend helped me carry everything from my car and set up my table.  How sweet.  Rae of ReRae was my fantastic table neighbor with a gorgeous booth - check her out here on Etsy if you like! She had a lovely blue turquoise motif.

So many people visited (Mikalia, Beth, Michael, Kayleen, Carolyn, Jess, Jenna, Kelli ... the list goes on) and I met Leah and Wendy - a mother and daughter who happened upon The Traveling Cabinet blog via Rose Mille and decided to stop by to say hello.  It was the most delightful meeting - we shared stories, I talked about the ministry in the Middle East - Leah and I nerded out about DIY and crafting!

It was quite a successful day and a wonderful experience - everyone was friendly and obliging - many earrings, flower pins, and botanical prints were sold, and all the proceeds are being given in support of the Women's Ministry in the Middle East, this spring. Click HERE for more photos by RitasCreations