DIY: Handmade - Scandinavian Earrings Tutorial Part I

So, I've been on a Scandinavian kick for a while now - always on the look out for ways to incorporate their style into my designs {just went to Ikea today and had a blast}.  Any-whos, I thought I'd share one of my favorite new projects (and if you're not crafty but love these earrings, no worries, they're in my shop for sale and make lovely presents).

Part I: What you'll need:

1. Scissors; 2. Sewing Needle; 3. Pliers; 4. Fabric - with large enough threads/weave to embroider (I used an organic hemp for this tutorial); 5. Embroidery thread 6. Make-your-own buttons kit 7/8in (I found these at Joann Fabrics) 7. Button making tool (comes with the make-your-own buttons kit) 8. Sturdy jewelry glue (also found at Joann's) 9. Not pictured - earring posts/backing

Step One:  Measure out a 2"x2" square of your fabric, thread your needle with two strands of your embroidery thread and use the following diagram to complete your design.

Cross-stitch is pretty simple - keep making X's with your thread - if you have trouble, there are many cross-stitch tutorials online - ask "google" :)

Once you have finished your design you're ready to make the earrings.  Please See Part II coming soon.