Nokomis Urban Craft Fair - Adventures in selling my wares Part 2

 Whelp! I was tooling around the HandmadeMN site and saw a request for more vendors at this craft fair - turns out its right near the place I work! On the off chance they still had spots, I applied, was accepted and now I'm preparing for another fair so soon.  Since I promised God I would donate all my profits to the Egypt mission trip, I know this opportunity must be from Him - so soon after my first one and in an area I'm familiar with.  
Check it out here to see vendors and find out more information - see you next Saturday! Visit The Traveling Cabinet on Facebook to see more details and check out our events page.
I'd love to see you again friends and I'd love to make new ones if we've never met.  If you are familiar with The Traveling Cabinet's designs? Which is your favorite? What would you like to purchase if you visited my booth? I always make things that I would like to add to my wardrobe, but its more lovely to make things that others fancy.