On the Map and in the News: English Breakfast

Not Earl Grey: it tastes like soap, IT just DOES, ok? English Breakfast with lots of honey, please.

My friend Jessica took me out to late lunch the other day (I think it was Monday, but I'm not quite sure) to take my mind off my things.  Life waiting periods are rough business.  Anywho, I couldn't resist saying hello to our shy table neighbor who goes by the name of Andrew and aspires to be a director - currently studying in Manhattan, which he says is rather different than MN, and I'm inclined to take him at his word.  That's the second MN transplant to NYC I met that day.  The other was a nice fellow named Mark, who works at Etsy - we had a lovely chat about missions.  I am not so secretly envying his job.  Bravo.

Well, we had a lengthy interview with Andrew (poor fellow) and bought him some tea to go with ours.  In the end, he invited us to join him on a tourists' tour of Minneapolis the next day but we both had to work.  Note: Do not get the Turkey & Pear Panini at the Coffe News Cafe on Grand Ave, but DO get the Pesto/Mozarella/Tomato Panini - its delicious.  (Thank you, Jessica, for sharing).