L.A. Love

Its amazing what one can do with L.A. and an Iphone ... how much the body can travel in a few short days.

After a 4-hour drive and 3-hour flight, I arrived late late into L.A. ... to my surprise, not only was Laura waiting for me but Tyler too, my bud who was leaving the next day back home for MN and eventually Switzerland - we swapped places. 

Hollywood sign first, to get it out of the way :) There we so many trees down after their great wind storm that this was a close as we could finagle. 

Yummiest bakery in Pasedena - almond scones, ham sandwiches and Pellegrino to spare :)

Laura too me to the beach and I ran like a little girl to the water.  It was cold.  There was sand.  There were shells.  I loved it. 

Then we walked the length of Santa Monica beach to the pier - a couple of hitchhikers buried themselves in a sand fort.  

At the Venice Canals the neighborhood was hosting a holiday bridge decorating contest

Bummer man. 

The last breakfast ... eggs benedict ... yum. 

A short stop in a Santa Monica shop before the airport ... I liked this one :) More to come.