Unqiue L.A.

"Everybody is a somebody to someone, its all relative," my friend Laura says to me as we walk into the market on the thirteenth floor.  Its not full yet, L.A. hipsters milling around in small groups,toting their fashion bags and ironic attire.  I feel a little out of place. I stepped out of the plane two nights before into urban California wearing a cream pleated dress I made myself that week. I was in love with it even though the neckline is crooked and the stitching is already coming a part.  I hadn't finished the sleeves so I pack a sweater in case I get a little embarrassed or "cold", I tell Laura.  

See, I always try to look like modern Audrey Hepburn when I go traveling, I don't know why, its the only time I can play dress up without feeling conspicuous - like a play and the audience is no one I'll ever see again so I get to pretend to be a movie star for a day. I know, I'm weird, but you probably do it too so I suppose we're all weird.  I like wearing my traveling clothes and when Laura saw it she smiled and said I should wear it to the market - handmade like everything else we'll be looking at.
{not my best hairdo but Danni's cute lace and teal make up for it... ;)}
I'm pretty excited inside - when I found out that Unique L.A. was going to be on the same weekend I was visiting, I got giggling inside.  When I first discovered blogging/etsy/design etc I came across this completely lovely blog called, "Oh, Hello Friend" and its been my staple inspiration for the past two years.  Every morning I'm not already late for work its the first one I visit and the last one I peek into before bed.  I just love the authors content and style, plus she follows Jesus and it just makes me love her heart and the bits of honesty she lets out in times of candor. I'm a tad bit nostalgic and so when I read that she would be at this market I was naturally excited.  Its nice to meet someone who you've only known via the internet.  Its really nice.

That prompted Laura's comment as I was getting giggly.  I'll just be honest and make a fool of myself and say I was practically jumping-out-of-my-boots-excited to meet her and visit her shop - IN PERSON.  Everbody is a somebody to someone - and I have no quips with being that someone to somebody (well, I sort of do but Laura is brave and she helps me out).  

Anyways, Lou and I had a lovely time browsing the shops and schmoozing the guys with the totally hip wooden glasses frames .... they were gorgeous ... and so were the frames. But honestly, the only shop I really wanted to buy from was "Oh, Hello Friend" - I love her style. So I spent my last ten dollars on a cute handkerchief for a new clutch and wooden button. We had a great little chat with Danni and her husband and snapped a few photos with Laura's iphone.  It was a good day. (and we went to the beach later, mmmm, perfect).