Lovely Finds: Liberty London

Aspiring designer meets Liberty London fabrics ... meets an empty pocketbook... but they're gorgeous and not available at your local Joann's, so we'll give 'em that. I'm still new to the world of apparel, so although Liberty London is probably a big brand name {I'm assuming here} I have only recently discovered them.

Something I struggle with as a creator: giving fabrics {insert any material, really} time to grown on me.  In my infant ways I only select fabrics that immediately stand out to me - that I love - for example, the beautiful specimen above.  I know exactly how to use them and what I would use them for - they're gorgeous.  However, there's another type of fabric that can be equally, if not incredibly more beautiful and subtle - take, for example, the fabrics below.  Not my first eye choice but upon further study, one can see just how exquisite they are (particularly the fifth - how could I have missed that one!?) - this is what I love.  They nuances of fabric - of beauty.