To Hospital

My office mate Lydia was just spittin' out quotes today while we rambled the hours away printing prayer guides and designing newsletters - the best of the bunch:

"Sometimes I forget that church is like a hospital ... you never know what sort of sick, hurting people you're going to meet, what they're carrying around.  But people put up this front, like "look at me, look at my perfect family, my perfect kids" - Lydia

Let's be honest, sometimes working at a church can be irritating.  There's a lot of miscommunication, high expectations, stress, passive-aggressive comments; all that happens in churches.  Its exhausting to feel like you have a to put on a sweet face and help everyone even though they're annoying the crap out of you and you REALLY have to get work done.  But like Lydia said,  a church is a hospital, a place people come for acceptance and healing.  Its not like a regular office - people are here looking for their Healer and we're here to point them to him - not to file them into our bureaucracy.

 Savior - grace, mercy, endless love, truth, justice, honesty. Real things. Not just nice words.