Lovely Finds: Mango Languages

SO! I, like many young travelers, would like to learn a language.  FOR REAL.  Aside from the two + years of high school Spanish and an empty pocket book that excluded my chances of taking college language courses ....I can say "hello" and "where is the bathroom" in about 8 foreign tongues.  Thank you Dr. Easterling.   But not quite up to snuff man!

Then my nifty new roommate suggested I rent "Rosetta Stone" from the Ramsey Library, but alas, it has been discontinued.  I am not ok with this.  Research skills to the rescue! Enter Mango Languages!

Vastly cheaper than Rosetta Stone, and like Rosetta Stone, Mango Languages offer a free library edition {yay!} but my local library doesn't offer it either. Rats.

No worries mate! Dakota County St. Paul Library allows you to apply for a temporary library card online from which you can access THEIR Mango Languages Libraries!

Time to learn French .... I hear that's what they speak in Côte d'Ivoire