Unglued Craft Fest 2012 Recap

Driving down the highway at 75 miles per hour this weekend, jammin' to Dave Barnes and praying most of the way. On my way to Fargo {do not underestimate this town) for the Unglued Craft Fest. I roll into town about 7:30pm and spend the evening with the lovely Danae and Michael Moran.  We pulled out her old Singer and finished a few last minute projects, drank some tea, packed our lunches and climbed into bed to catch some slumber before our early morning. 

The 8 hours of driving ... totally worth it! In addition to spending some time with my wonderful hosts, the little shop sold many earrings, flower pins, clutches, botanical prints, and even my first skirt! Everything sold goes towards raising support for women's ministry in the Middle East this May and my prayers were answering resoundingly.  Speaking of resounding...we got to listen to some beautiful acoustic tunes while in the Plain Arts Museum - Fargo is a happenin' place, my friends.

selected images by ashley morken