Earl Grey & Lemons

Source: etsy.com via Margaret on Pinterest

My toes are tapping.  Listening to Earl Grey & Lemons - Skye Zentz, thank you for this blue day music.  Tap. Tap. Tap. Head swayin' back and forth. White knitted cap keeping my head warm, the one I usually sport to hide the less than clean mop underneath.  

So glad I cut that hair off - much easier. I try to push my showers out 4 days - maybe its odd, but I don't like taking the time. Besides, you have to take your make-up off - it never comes off all the way.  But I love smelling the mint & rosemary shampoo and swathing my pale skin in my red stripe Turkish bath towel.  I feel like an Arabian princess coming out of her ritual bath, its a thin cloth, but perfectly absorbent, so I can move around in its wrap - tap tap tap, Skye Zentz and tap tap tapin.

Rub all the water out of my hair - stub my toe on the door, always, (why are door stops so loud, they could wake up the neighbors with their rattle) hop to the bed and lay there till the water drips off or soaks into the bed spread.  I'll fall asleep, of course, and wake up with brunette curls at the craziest angles.  Try explaining that to my boss.  On goes the white knitted cap.  No patience to straighten the mess.  By lunch it'll somehow find a way to be perfect, perfect and short - ready for an adventure and curiously chic, like Audrey....at least I like to think so ;)