Midnight & Swing

Last night,  my feet accumulated miniscule blisters while shuffling in my lindy-hop shoes, strapless-bra slowly working its way down with every swing-out and twirl. Poor choice, next time: straps.

The sweet tunes reminded us of summer, movies in the park - nothing beats a Minnesota summer - climbing up Barn Bluff ... Red Wing.  I remember watching the sun set over the river and the church steeples far below, they were ringing, of course, because they are Romantic steeples, as all steeples are. 

Hanging out with friends, dancing, making more friends, small, quaint studio in Minneapolis, dwarfed by the gargantuan Basilica - the one Peter proposed to Jess in, my dear steadfast friends. I think we even busted out some Louie Armstrong. Jeepers, Creepers. Twas a good night.

you really want a boat now, dont you? ;)

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