Shuffling down the streets of NE Minneapolis, praying, walking, talking with my friends - we cover a handful of city blocks with our broken prayers. "Please let this city know you God - please let us run into someone we can pray for" - I pray.  We do.

Jeff & Brennen - they smoke cigs and slouch outside the Ginger Root Cafe ... I think its called that ... Michael and I ate kebabs there once.  They are in a rut - the great life rut of no motivation - but they love the sun and love the love.  Its so hard to share Jesus with people who find God in everything and every religion. But its so beautiful too.  Its so beautiful that they see love in everyone and just want to share the love.  I get that.  I love that.  So what makes Jesus so special?

I think some folks don't really study the differences,  don't really know what makes religions different, distinct from each other, why people are so adamant about them, some just assume that they all basically say the same thing.  I wish they did.  That would be a lot easier. But I honestly, compassionately plead that Jesus is unique.

He's the only Savior that has died as a sacrifice to literally save us.  We need saving.  We cannot save ourselves from our darkness or blindness.  I could see it in the downtrodden earnestness of Jeff's face.

I see it in my own heart - it stares back at me in the mirror, aches in my broken heart and threatens to eat my soul, wretched screams of pain, despair - I see them ready to spring if I let them.  The darkness. I know its there. You have it too: brokenness.  What will it take to bring yours into the light - a broken relationship, lost job, failure, poverty, death, sickness, a curve ball from left field - or will your walk you're whole life without knowing you're lost.  I think that's the scariest.  I don't judge the depressed anymore - those who see the blackness of their soul.  Oh but blessed friend.  A hero.  A real hero who does not discriminate based on beauty or status.  Jesus shines the light - he brings us to water, he draws the line in the sand, he washes our filthy feet and reminds us that we are his beautiful bride, we are His Father's lovely children.

Brennan gave me a hug.  I love his hat, his olive skin and dark eyes.  Jeff was pale and orange frizzed mixed with salty pepper chops.  "Jesus", I prayed out loud - they asked us to pray for them, "you love these two guys so much, you loved how creative they are, please help them with their motivation issues, their fear of the future, thank you so much for this lovely city and all its art and music, we are so blessed, I love that about this city, Jesus, please take care of these guys and bring them closer to you".  We shuffled along.  We didn't 'convert' them - just loved them.  They gave us hugs.