St. Paul: La Grolla in SPRING!

Yesterday ... Minnesota came alive! And so did I - my best friend's fiance came into town this week for work with his Rescue Team (back story, Whit - the bff- lives in Sioux Falls, Derek - so sadly- lives in Chicago, Minneapolis is the 'halfway' - they are getting married in Flagstaff, AZ this fall & I'm am so excited to get to be a bridesmaid) and we decided to take our lonely, winter-bored selves and stroll the streets of St. Paul looking for a bite to eat.  Since Whit & I are both obsessed with La Grolla, we went here once more.  Yum!

On the menu: Lobster & Crab Ravioli in Cream Sauce for two please! A glass of Moscato for the lady.

Then a little walk down to Nina's &Common Good Books (moving locations soon, gasp!) and back up to Shoreview for a game of Ticket to Ride.  It was the perfect kick-off to spring - found some really interesting books I'd like to read: You will See Fire & Getting Out. We spent most of the evening talking about Whit and how much we love & miss her.


I'm a big fan of St. Paul in the evening.  What's so lovely about La Grolla is that their lunch is scrumptious too & there's a whole host of things to do within walking distance of the place.