Craftstravaganza 2012

I am delighted, yes deLIGHTed, to be a part of this indie craft fair this year - last year, I took my darling little friend Ellie to it and we walked around and picked out our favorite things.  She was a perfect companion for a grade-schooler and I fancy she'll be famous when she grows up.  I knew it would be my goal to one day be an exhibitor for this very show and what do you know! they accepted my application this year!

To my sweet-sadness, our mission trip to Egypt is scheduled for the same week but they made a special exception and let me show my crafts and creations without my presence - my bride-to-be roommate has graciously volunteered to be ME for this blessed event and I can only hope there will be fantastic pictures.

So  pop yourself down to the fair grounds for one of the largest and loveliest markets of the season - a few of my favorites from last year & a few I've discovered since:

light reading, Zeichen Press, CrafterAll, Modern Meets Whimsy, Just Another Day Designs, Yellow Umbrella