Pinned Projects

Its been a bit crazy over here in Shasta-land: shop stuff, bridal orders, support raising, church, prayer meetings, taxes, business taxes, bills, swing dancing (that's for fun), music rehearsals, sewing skirts and wedding presents, community group, benefit planning, oh did I mention work? All the while dreaming of ways to add more fun things to the shop - thank heavens I don't have children, bless all you that do.

In my spare time this week, I will be working on these little projects:

1. embroidered greeting cards from curiousdoodles

2. embroidered heart pins from dandee

3. tova tunic from wiksten (eek! I was so excited when she posted downloadable versions of this pattern) image credit to wiksten

What are you up to this week? Its so beautiful outside, I think I'm going to take more than a few bike rides.