Rifle Paper Co: Recipe Cards

Wednesday afternoon I popped on over to the Paper Hat Co. to deliver a few new spring earring designs to Greta ... and I walked out with my first set of recipe cards and I finally have something by the Rifle Paper Co.  - a small wish of mine.  I love the deep pressed letters and flourish watercolors. mmmm :)

The next Rifle thing on my list is their heirloom recipe box, but since its not in my range of reason, I'll ask my woodcraftsman friend if he can make one for me instead - I'm sure I'll find a way to paint it "purr-dy".

Its not even the beauty of the paper and ink, its the thought of passing something so lovely, with something so yummy written on it, down to my daughter someday. Its as a lovely a thought as it is lovely outside today.

Last image credit: rifle paper co.