this weekend ... canoe

today there was sun and breeze and much canoeing was to be had with Emily & Jamie. there was also a leak in our canoe that we discovered when 2 inches of water appeared in the bottom of our boat.  but never fear, we are outdoorsy women and navigated to safety - promptly dumping all the water out into the beach - no boys were injured in the making of this adventure.

I feel God most on the water - His love in the wind, on the lake I am free and in the gliding of the boat, the motion of the paddles smooth and propelling, things happen and I am reminded that through pain and fear, the sun still rises and life awakes everyday.  Maybe that's one of the best graces of all - that life is still beautiful, nature still lovely even if you're not, God is still there and there is joy to be had in the song of a bird - he is not bothered by your inner turmoil, he is not bothered.  He still sings.