Weekend DIY: embroidery wall hanging

One of the easiest way to create your own art is to embroider something and frame it - the best part is that its customizable - and if you can't draw very well, like me, its a lovely alternative to painting something.

Supplies: embroidery hoop, embroidery thread, embroidery cloth, little frame {sometimes I just use linen or cotton that has thicker threads so I can see where to make the cross-stitch x's} you can find all of this at your local fabric store

1. Find a quote or saying your really love {I wanted one that inspired me towards missions, so I could bring it with me where ever I went}
2. Research or buy a little embroidery alphabet book - I found mine here
3. Determine what letters you need and start stitching, according to your alphabet pattern {remember cross-stitching is just making a bunch of even x's in the fabric}
4. I added an outline of Africa to mine since I plan to take it with me on my travels - I simply traced it onto the fabric and stitched it to my taste
5. Once you're done, take out your fabric and place it in your frame!

Whalla! You did it ;) Happy stitching!