Whitney & Derek

arizona photo credit: Bethany Jackson

Whitney & I met for the first time on facebook in 2007 when we figured out that we were going to be roommates at Northwestern College.  Confession: Lou & I always chuckle at how we both (sadly) thought she was mean because she was so pretty.  Wrong, wrong wrong, completely, absolutely, smack your face wrong: Whit is the sweetest, most gentle, hilarious, sweetheart of a lamb, heart the size of Venus best friend a gal could ever wish for.  Good taste in music too ;) Just goes to show: you can't judge a book....

Packed like sardines, whit + me + lou + rachel managed not to kill each other for 9 whole months in our little KnuHa dorm room (whit, lou & I are still best friends and continued to live together for approx. 3 of the 4 collegiate years - we'd still be living together if it weren't for Laura Lou pursuing music in L.A., Whit getting married & moving to Chicago, and I will probably be on the mission field ... somewhere, sometime in the near future, who knows!?),

Anyways, how lucky can you be to find your best friends in your freshman dorm roommates? How weird is it that one of us is getting married?!? Well, not so weird if you're from a Christian College, but in general, that's not how we roll.  Oh, there have been many boys in our lives (quite useful that Lou is a musician, actually, we have composed a song or two in their honor - watch your backs boys, she's gonna be famous) and definitely a few nights crying in each other's arms.  

This one's a keeper though, Derek from South Dakota, and in September they will return to the place they first fell in love (Arizona) and promise to ... well, you know the rest :)  It also will be my debut as a bridesmaid, note: I need to find a way to stash tissues in my bouquet.