Egypt Travels: Two

Driving in Egypt is like going to Six Flags - its a game, cars weaving in and out - half the time we are in the wrong lane, but then again, you can't really call them lanes since everyone chooses their own pace and place on the road.  Motor bikes, buses, people, donkeys, dust - all alone the Nile.  Don't worry mothers, your children are safe :) 

The team gathers under the night sky, eating outside with the warm breeze is so refreshing after the three-day women's conference. Our dear Egyptian friends, newlyweds, join us for dinner and share their wedding pictures with us.  I have loved hanging out with Egyptian youth (by "youth" I mean folks in their twenties) - they love Jesus, they are brave, its in their smile. They are such a good example to us.   "God is good" is always on their lips - Jesus is not just something they do on Sundays, He is in their hearts.

Tomorrow we leave at 5am to head for the Mediterranean Sea to prepare for our second women's conference. We have loved the beautiful hospitality of our friends - constantly showered with love and tea. After the conference ended, we gave the Egyptian women massages and kisses - some of us played with their children and watched their mothers testify to Jesus moving in their hearts this weekend.

Before dinner, a few of the women visited another village to pray with the people and share the Gospel. They say that not many Christians will visit these remote areas because of the poor conditions and resistance to the Gospel.

Pray that Jesus continues to soften our hearts and that many women we meet would be freed of their pain and suffering. As conference hosts, its easy to "go through the motions" when you are tired and traveling, but I pray that Jesus fills our hearts and allows us to serve the hearts of these women.

Pray for our Egyptian hosts, that he would know our thanks and have enough rest.

Pray that we have a safe journey North and that the next conference is beautiful and fruitful.  Jesus is alive here, he is working to tear down the strongholds of deception here - it is much more visible here, than in the States.

With love from He who is more beautiful and patient than I could ever ask.

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