Egypt Update: One

A handful of Jesus-lovers from Dallas, Spokane, Minneapolis, California, & Charlotte fly to Egypt: And this is their story.

We were pretty crunched because of all our luggage, 16 people in a little bus with jump seats.  What was supposed to be a 3 hour trip from Cairo turned into an Egyptian 5 hours – including a flat tire that prompted an hour reprieve at a gas station/military outpost in the middle of the desert.  “No pictures” we quickly learned as a hand was shoved over our lenses every time we tried to capture the scenery. 

Walking through a village – everywhere we went we created a spectacle, kids touching our backpacks and grabbing for our hands.  Our group split into teams, to share the gospel and invite village women to the Selah conference. With the help of our translators, we were immediately invited into homes, given tea, and asked to pray for the sick. It was my first encounter with people living in true poverty, and my mind kept mulling over thoughts about life and contentment. Donkeys carrying hay & dung navigated narrow streets, dodging children and old men sitting outside their brick homes. Life was outside.

My new friend Susanna had the opportunity to lead a young girl to Christ. After presenting the gospel the girl came up to her and asked to pray and ask Christ into her heart. It was the first person Susanna had led to the Lord. Over 30 Egyptians accepted Christ, what an amazing night! It’s beautiful to know that the e3 staff who live in this country will continue to minister among them.

After our walk, we supped on the local pastor’s rooftop.  A few from our team were called to pray with a couple, who were suffering marital problems. As their story unraveled, it became apparent that something sinister lay at the heart of their trouble.  As five from the team laid hands on the woman, she began to sway and convulse, as if oppressed by a demon.  Prayer poured over her, in the name of Jesus, and they realized that His name was triggering the loss of her body control. Desiring to comfort this woman, five women were asked to join those gathered.  As time passed, Jesus revealed that the family struggle found its source miscommunication between husband and wife, and the woman’s extreme fear of dark magical forces at work in her household.  One wise woman soothed her and told her how to fight against her fears with Truth & calling upon the presence of Jesus.  After some time, they left her in the hands of her pastor.

I lay awake that night thinking of all we had seen, awaking to the sound of my alarm the Muslim call to prayer buzzing outside my window. It’s a strange feeling to wake up every morning in Egypt and feel right at home.  Even though we travel with armored guards almost everywhere we go, everyone smiles at us and offers a hearty wave. We garnered a few giggles and many waves when the young folk climbed on top of our van and rode through the threshing fields toward the Nile. I can just imagine every farmer thinking, “Look! Crazy Americans” – I suppose they were right. Crazy to come, crazy to love, crazy to walk in the streets, crazy to think that Jesus could work past all our imperfections to bring encouragement and love to a people in the middle of a revolution.