DIY: Kindle Case Tutorial

So I had a little fun last night and made this Nautical Kindle Case - since mine has been unprotected and scratched while chillin' in my purse (not recommended), I've been thinking about buying one off Etsy - then I realized (I know I'm silly) that I could just make one from extra fabric ... duh!

So here's a little tutorial to help you figure out how to make one yourself :) Its super easy if you've ever made a pillow case before - its basically the same thing with an extra step or two.  If you have an e-reader that's different from a mine (kindle-touch) you simple measure out your original fabric to fit your size.

Its basically a rectangle pillow thats been "tri-folded" and sewn in place.   For example:

And there you have it folks! Feel free to leave a comment if it doesn't make sense or for some reason I missed something :) I'll reply as soon as I see it!