Swing Night Adventure...

Oh hello! I believe I forgot to share some photos of a little adventure I like to call "Swing Dancing on a River Boat" - the title is pretty self-explanatory and requires little elaboration, except to say that I went with my very fun swing friends (Sam, Sarah, Rachel, Ashlea & Andrew) to a soiree down the Mississippi.

A little sun glare for effect...not planned. Sam had to get grab a 3-piece suit for the occasion w/matching bow tie.

 From right to left (Ashlea, me, Sam) 

Water break! Fresh air! Yes! We were met with live music, yummy snacks and lots of people we didn't know ... yet.

The evening grew darker and we paddled further down the river.  It was definitely crowded, but we found some friendly faces.  Now its dancing on Monday evenings and Sunday afternoons @
Aster Cafe, jamming to the live sounds of Patty & The Buttons.

Not quite sure who that last gal is...but I'm sure she's lovely. It was a perfect evening, no bugs and beautiful music.